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Google Rating
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Every footcare treatment is designed to:

Improve mobility and fitness to make the most out of life

Energise, improve confidence and promote a positive mindset

Help maintain a healthy weight and manage ailments by keeping you active

Restore physical and mental balance

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A comprehensive foot treatment to address all types of foot and heel issues, including nail care, corns, callouses, dry, cracked heels, hard skin and more. Leaves feet pain-free, comfortable and attractive.

25 Minutes   |


Foot Massage

A choice of delicious foot massages using specialist creams, aromatherapy and therapeutic strokes to leave you feeling like you’re walking on air. Benefits include improved circulation, supple, healthy joints and skin, and feeling more balanced.

We offer different types of foot massage tailored to the individual. Here are a few of the options.

25 Minutes   |


Relieve dryness NOW

Most of us experience dryness on our lower legs and feet. Illness and medical issues can further deplete the skin’s moisture.

This massage uses specialist creams to drive moisture into the skin. Massage strokes are tailored to your needs; gentle and nurturing or firm and positive.

Bliss out NOW

A relaxing, pampering aromatherapy massage.

Using select aromatherapy oils and various massage techniques, this foot treatment restores physical and mental wellbeing leaving you feeling balanced, energised and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Exfoliate NOW

This exfoliating massage visibly relieves flaky, dull, tired skin on the lower legs and feet. Using creams, oils and brisk strokes, you’ll shed dead skin before your very eyes.

Skin becomes even, supple and lasts for days.

25 Minutes   |


Orthopaedic consultation for shoe insoles

To address persistent pain in the feet, ankles, knees or hips.

A full investigation to identify the root cause of pain. Includes gait analysis, lifestyle discussion and physical examination.

One session is often all it takes to identify your condition, explain our diagnosis, and prescribe appropriate insoles to eliminate pain once and for all. Life-enhancing results are common with the correct insoles.

40 Minutes   |

£95 (excludes cost of insoles)

Big Deep Clean

Bliss for your feet guaranteed.

The big deep clean is a warm, soapy soak and a careful scrub by hand for your feet up to your knees by a qualified foot health practitioner. This clears all dead, scaley skin and debris. Followed by specialist moisturiser and massage – twice!

Ideal for people who can’t reach their feet or simply want to bliss out.

45 Minutes   |