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A thorough cleansing treatment for scaly, flaky feet

When was the last time you washed and cleaned your feet thoroughly?

Clean feet are the foundation of good foot health. In an ideal world, we’d all be able to do this for ourselves as part of routine personal hygiene, but as you get older it’s not always easy to take care of.

Circumstances sometimes don’t allow for your feet to be cleansed properly. You may have mobility problems and can’t reach your feet, you might rely on family or an external provider for your personal care and they don’t have the awareness or time to focus on your feet. You may simply be unaware how much debris has built up nor the benefits and relief you’ll feel once it’s been washed away.

What causes scaly, flaky feet?

Scaly, flaky feet can be caused by a build up of dry skin, dirt, sweat, soap and cream. Feet need regular cleansing to remove debris and keep them looking, feeling and smelling great. If left neglected, feet can become uncomfortable, even painful, and at risk of developing infection.

The importance of regular foot care

The UK population is ageing and life expectancy is increasing. Many elderly people are struggling with day-to-day mobility issues, arthritis, back pain and joint pain. With more pressing health issues to deal with, feet often get overlooked. Yet building regular foot care into your personal regime could transform the way you move and feel about life.

Clean, moisturised feet are a cornerstone of basic foot care, however this type of service isn’t available on the NHS or at private private chiropody/podiatry practices. With this in mind, we’ve designed a brand new Foot Respect super cleansing treatment for feet.

Introducing the Big Deep Clean foot care treatment

The Big Deep Clean is a foot care treatment designed to eliminate all traces of dead skin and debris from the feet and lower legs. It’s a three-step process that includes a foot soak and exfoliating scrub followed by specialist moisturising massage.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We begin by soaking the feet in warm, soapy water to cleanse and soften the skin, remove inhibiting bacteria and promote general wellbeing. Using soap is much more friendly and less drying than other skin sanitisers, and especially kind to delicate skin.
  2. Careful scrubbing by hand allows the specialist to feel the whole foot/lower calf and attend to specific issues and areas of tension or discomfort. The exfoliating scrub removes any build up of dead skin and allows the new layer of skin to regenerate more evenly.
  3. Finally, we use a specialist moisturiser to massage feet and lower legs, not once but twice! The clean, warm, dry skin drinks in the moisturiser, which is packed with gentle ingredients that balance your skin’s natural water content and prevent it drying out.

Feet are left clear of debris, hygienic, nourished and supple. If you want, you can also add on other maintenance treatments, such as nail clipping and filing.

Who is the treatment for?

This treatment is for you if:

You have dry, scaly or flaky skin on your feet and lower legs  

You suffer with build-up between your toes 

You have medical or circulatory issues

You’re taking medication  

You take showers over baths

You struggle with mobility problems and find it difficult to bend down

Foot cleansing client feedback

Clients who’ve experienced the Big Deep Clean said their feet “feel spotlessly clean and blissful” and “completely different with restored sensation”. Some even report wider benefits of “feeling energised and younger, not just in my feet!”

What are you waiting for?

Book your deep cleansing foot treatment today! All treatments are carried out by a qualified, foot health practitioner. Clean, healthy feet are the gold standard of everyday happiness. We’re on a mission to improve wellbeing and quality of life through excellence in foot care. If you look after someone who would benefit from this service, please share this with them. 

Ola Pankiw

Registered Foot Practitioner

Google Rating
Based on 14 reviews
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